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Painter & Mystic


Judith Newman is a Painter  based in Melbourne,  Australia.

Judith is a painter and a mystic.

 Having gone from hyper realism to non objective..

 She describes her paintings as autobiographical.

A search for the deeper meaning of life.  

Her paintings give us a glimpse into the  realms beyond logic, as an experience, building upon the work of Agnes Martin and Mark Rothko.

 The magic comes from that pure place, by allowing and trusting completely, not by way of Mind.

The viewer is invited to allow the paintings to wash over them, to be drawn into sensing/feeling them.

They are a glimpse  of life beyond the veil of conceptual meaning. 

Judith firmly believes Art can influence change by way of

enjoying the world through the senses as a vibratory  experience.

"My joy is to help others connect to their  divine energy , through the senses,  opening your eyes to a whole new world within. 

 I finally arrived, through many years of contemplation and soul searching.

My teachers were swami's & sages in the Himalayan mountains & years of yogic practice,  being present.


~Marta R




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Clients include...  Fine Art investors, Art collectors, in Australia USA, Canada . 

Workshops conducted In the USA and Australia. 

Commissions undertaken on a considered basis.

Represented by Tacit Contemporary Gallery, Melb, Australia.


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Via email … judithnewmanartist@gmail.com


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